Strontium Discovery

Intercontinental Mining is a Kazakhstan Barite Miner of High Grade/High Quality Barite for the Global Oil Services Industry & Oil Drillers in: Kazakhstan, Russia, China, India, Canada & The United States of America. (Барит Mining для нефтяной промышленности) Barite Mining, Processing | Барит Mining для нефтяной промышленности. The company, founded in 1996 provides superior customer service and tremendous value for the oil industry with high grade Specific gravity‎: ‎4.2–5 American Petroleum Institute specification API 13/ISO 13500. высокое качество, высокий класс барит для бурения нефтяных скважин компании.

strontium mining company
strontium mining company

Mangyshlak peninsula is one of the world regions rich in different types of strontium minerals.

100% of strontium reserves of Kazakhstan are located in Mangystau region. In total, around 20 types of celestite and celestite-barite have been defined. The largest deposits are Aurtash, Ungozin and Uchkuyuk deposits. The ore of these deposits has about 20% of strontium.


Barite is used as drilling mud heaver in oil and gas sector. The celestite-barite ores are concentrated in the wing of Aurtash strontium deposit which has favorable conditions for open mining. The reserves of the barite-celestite ore are quite large with the average content of barium oxide 8.4%. Aurtash deposit is located 37 km south of Shetpe village and 15 km of the railway and 9 km away from high voltage electric power line Aktau-Beineu.

Strontium carbonate is sintered with iron oxide to produce permanent ceramic ferrite magnets. Strontium nitrate contributes a brilliant red color to fireworks and signal flares. Approximately equal quantities of strontium compounds were thought to be used in these end uses. Quantities of strontium compounds were consumed in several other applications, including:

  1. glass production – strontium is in glass for colour television cathode ray tubes.
  2. electrolytic production of zinc
  3. master alloys
  4. pigments
  5. fillers


Strontium may be ingested by humans as a dietary supplement, as an active ingredient in toothpastes, and as a pain reliever for some types of cancer.  Although specific information is not available, these uses likely consume very small quantities of strontium compounds, but the compounds must be extremely pure, and thus are of high unit value.

With improvements to global economic conditions, consumption of strontium compounds, and thus celestite, would be expected to increase. Little information is available about the potential for celestite consumption in drilling fluids, but if oil and gas drilling increases, celestite consumption in that end use may increase as well.

What is Strontium?

Strontium, an alkaline earth metal, ranks 15th in terms of abundance among elements found in the earth’s crust, occurring as Strontianite and Celestine mineral ores. Strontium (Sr) is obtained from two primary minerals: Celestine (consisting of strontium sulphate) and Strontianite (consisting of strontium carbonate).  The application segment includes: pyrotechnics, ferrite magnets, master alloys, paints & coatings, medical, zinc refining, and others.


What is Strontium Used For?

Strontium is predominantly employed in pyrotechnics and the production of ceramic ferrite magnets. It acts as a luminescence and anti-corrosive factor in paints & coatings and is utilized in small amounts in the medical industry as well.

Strontium Production

A large proportion of mined celestine (SrSO4) is converted to the carbonate by two processes. Either the celestine is directly leached with sodium carbonate solution or the celestine is roasted with coal to form the sulfide.

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